1. Mans encroachment in nature.It is always amazing to see how these two vastly different worlds co-exist with each other. 


  2. a few pictures from the best sport out there, cyclocross. 


  3. lake winnebago, wisconsin 2014


  4. lush greenery of Guatemala.


  5. Roberto, Guatemala City, Guatemala. 


  6. A mechanics shop in Guatemala City, Guatemala. 


  7. a young man is detained after admitting to shooting  a man only moments before at a bus stop in Guatemala City, Guatemala. 


  8. Guatemala City, Guatemala.


  9. A man paints the exterior of a building in zone one of Guatemala City, Guatemala. 


  10. Visited a family I have been documenting on and off for the last 3 years as they get a emergency delivery of food from the Hunger Task Force to their home in Milwaukee, Wi July, 30, 2014. Hortencia along with her grandchildren were so thankful for the food, always great to see Hunger Task Force come through again for those in need.